Art Slams Beginnings and our Grand Re-Opening

The Art Slam opened at the Kitsap Mall in the summer of 2016. Originally it started as a pop-up studio where the public could walk in and check out art. The Gap was moving at the time and getting rid of their mannequins. As a group of 20 artists, we saw potential for creating art from this. Looking back, the Gap’s misfortune became the Art Slam’s windfall and served as a treasure trove for our future. Each artist selected a mannequin to paint as they wished. After two weeks in the mall, we decided to stay together and temperately moved into a second vacated space within mall. It was there where our finished mannequins we either sold or auctioned off, with the funds being used to begin our journey to become a non-profit, co-op group of local artists.

In September of 2016 we moved to our permanent location and opened on Black Friday. We teach classes in painting, drawing and hand-building with clay. We also offer birthday parties and painting parties where you get to Choose your own painting” from our website. Currently we have ten house artists, several associate artists and a few basic artistscheck our website, for the difference among the three. We enjoy working within the community and were instrumental in painting the #selfiemuralwall at the mall, next to Subway.

We currently offer classes for home-schoolers and after school classes. Summer camps are also available. We’re always looking for artists who would like to join us and are currently looking for artists who teach persons with PTSD and/or autism so we can add those classes to our schedule.

Last November we experienced a small fire in our utility room (last photo). After the initial clean up, it prompted us to repaint, reorganized, de-clutter and give ART SLAM a fresh image. We’re finally ready! Below is our successful Grand Re-Opening, February 3!






Our current home is next to Car Toys in the Michael’s parking lot.

10300 Silverdale Way, #109, Silverdale, WA

Ph: 360.662.1000