We are a small cooperative of local artists of various ages, styles, mediums and skill levels.

We offer an affordable way for artists to create, learn, showcase, collaborate and teach art classes for personal income as well as inspire one another.

Our studio gives most of our members the outlet they need which helps to calm anxiety, build confidence, form supportive relationships, and to have a welcoming place to grow as they learn to respect their own creative nature.



(Stephani Morgan)

Morgan has often been asked, “How long have you been an artist?” as if ‘it’ were creative juices that just miraculously showed up one day and began pouring out. Back in grade school she had a book where she wrote about her friends, favorite subjects and what she wanted to be when she grew up. In those early years, the girls had three choices: nurse, teacher or mommy. Morgan put down “ARTIST.” Her mother didn’t show her the book again until she had moved out of the house which surprised her because she didn’t actually start selling her art until she was in her thirties. She has since passed down her knowledge to her daughter, Katie, one of the younger artists at the Slam. For the first twelve years, Morgan painted in acrylic and more recently, has gotten into Zendoodles, which is drawing structured patterns. Her style is whimsical and she finds inspiration in color and design, and gives her mother credit for bringing it out of her at an early age. If you happen to visit the Silverdale Trader Joe’s, you can also see her art in some of the boards, advertising TJ products as she is the resident artist there. Her answer to “how long have you been an artist?” She concludes that you could say that she has been an artist all her life.




Ben Butcher

Ben Butcher is a Pacific Northwest local artist, Navy Submarine Veteran, and Northwest College of Art and Design Student currently double majoring in Illustration and Entertainment Arts. On top of being a House Artist for the Art SLAM! Studio, he works Illustration Freelance, as well as Framing at the Silverdale Artist’s Edge. His primary mediums are Oil Paint, Pen and Ink, and
Digital Painting. His recent interest in the arts is rooted more in science and engineering than in aesthetics and emotions, resulting in a more realistic feel than may otherwise be expected.




Sallie Nau

Sallie Nau of Port Orchard, WA is one of Art Slam Studio’s teachers and House Artists.  Her primary medium is ceramics. In 2008 Sallie Graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Zoology, but knew that she no longer wanted to pursue Veterinary School and was going to pursue art instead. During school, she took sculpture, painting and ceramics to “unwind” and relax from the demands of math and science. Sallie found art just as challenging, but really felt a deeper call to continue on with ceramics.  She took every class the University had to offer and even did summer school classes.  “I knew that I was hooked when I lay awake at night dreaming up the next art piece I was going to make”.  Sallie Nau started her own ceramics company in 2010 and has been making ornaments, dinnerware sets, and one of kind pieces. Salie’s entrepreneurial spirit has carried her into the business world, and pushed her further than her comfort zone  “at first I hated ceramics- I could not stand the feeling of clay on my hands, but after forcing myself to move past the tactile discomfort (and wear gloves), I discovered the endless possibilities of wares that I could make. I loved getting on the potter’s wheel  and still do.   I would practice for hours and hours. I remember for weeks I would get “nothing” off the wheel, and I was so frustrated. My teacher just kept telling me to just keep practicing and soon I would be able to make just about anything.”

Sallie Nau also enjoys many other mediums including sculpture, mixed media, knitting (fiber arts) and wire and jewelry making. Sallie also loves teaching and sharing her talents with others, especially children.  She offers low-cost classes for home schooled students as well as the occasional ceramic class series for adults.



Sharon Smith

I have lived in the desert of Nevada, the eucalyptus groves of Northern California, the Catskill Mountains of NY but my home is the Northwest. Each of these varied environments have contributed to my love of nature. I feel the need to capture certain moments to share with others. I was introduced to pen and ink and pastels at an early age. I enjoy teaching art and exploring new mediums, such as alcohol inks and watercolor.

I have been blessed with five children and have been married 52 years to my husband, Joe. When my youngest child started school, I enrolled in Northwest College of Art, where I completed a course in interior design. I used those skills to design kitchens for Home Depot, both here and in NY. I am currently a house artist with Art SLAM Studio in Silverdale, where I teach, create, and play!



Vicki Maheu

Vicki J. Maheu resides in Kingston, Washington with her husband and youngest two of their three children. She aims to create art that reflects the beauty of God’s creation and His grace toward humankind, and also frequently creates art that reflects the wild and vivid imagination that God placed within her.

As a teen Vicki became fairly proficient in drawing in pencil, pastels, and ink. However, as adult life took over, she placed her art on the back burner for many years. Vicki still explored her creativity through crafts, sewing, cooking, blogging, and photography, but had left all serious pursuit of fine art behind.

Then in June of 2012, at 43 years old, Vicki came across a blog challenge called ICAD, if “Index Card a Day”. The idea of the challenge was to do something creative on an index card each day for 30 days. Vicki decided to take on the challenge, and over the course of those 30 days, the artist within her woke up from her long slumber. Early in the challenge, she tried acrylic paint for the first time, and as she describes it, “I was hooked! I remember when I was younger I was always trying to get a certain look with the pencils, markers, and other mediums I tried, and always failing to achieve that look, but now, when I used Acrylics, there it was!” She has painted very prolifically ever since that challenge, completing more than 80 paintings, and selling more than 30 of them in the first three years after the ICAD challenge.

Inn addition to Art SLAM Studio, Vicki;s work has also been show in Almost Candid gallery in Kingston, at various outdoor markets and art walks, and on many sites online. In 2014 her painting “Visitor to the Backyard Pond” earned Judge Venker’s personal honorable mention at Kitsap Arts and Crafts Association’s juried art show.

She continues to grow as an artist, exploring new mediums, challenging herself with different subject matters, and painting in different styles depending upon the subject matter. While her art occasionally reflects a social or political issue, the majority of her work stays positive, reflecting either the beauty of the world around her, or the fantastic images of her own mind.




Sharon Hogan

Watercolor/Acrylic Artist and Teacher

My ambition was to become an art teacher when I graduated from High School in 1960. (yeah I’m and “oldie”) But after just one year of college I married, quit school and embarked on a career in the field of accounting. In 2008 I retired as one of the managers of a public agency in the San Francisco Bay area.  However, I had returned to my love of art and especially my love of the watercolor media in 1998 by taking a watercolor class through the Sunnyvale/Cupertino Adult Education program. When my teacher moved out of state in 2004 I was asked to take over teaching her class. It was an opportunity I could not turn down, so I began to teach a class once evening a week. After I retired from the public agency I added more classes and taught four classes (approximately 75-80 students in total each quarter) until moving to Washington in 2016.

Very shortly after moving here I “lucked” upon this little non=profit cooperative art studio- Art SLAM Studio! I immediately joined and found wonderful new friends among some very talented artists. I ultimately because a House Artist with the studio and I am also teaching again!

I was a member of several art organizations in the Bay Area and was able to exhibit and sell my art at various venues. I also have been privileged and honored to have received several awards at various shows such as the annual Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society show, the Sequoia Art Group Spring Art Show and the Society of Western Artists Annual juried show.

I love the process of creating and the continued learning that accompanies the artistic creation. But possibly what gives me the most pleasure is the opportunity to pass that passion to others through teaching.



Davell Seversen

 Hi- I’m Davell, the artist for Zany Art.  I call it “irrational dot painting “as I do not follow a fixed pattern. My interest in this art is a direct result of my passion for recycling. Since I started painting in 2003, my style has evolved into colorful dots in random order. Now I say “dots are my specialty”. I do not have an art background.  So, with starting at this age, in my 60’s, I hope encourage others to explore the wonderful world of art.  It is never too late. I have dual degrees, a 2-year RN license (retired) and a BA in Social Work. I have 4 grandchildren and several great-grands.  I feel my art form contributes towards a better world for them and for others.