We are a small cooperative of local artists of various ages, styles, mediums and skill levels. We offer an affordable way for artists to create, learn, showcase, collaborate and teach art classes for personal income as well as inspire one another. Our studio gives most of our members the outlet they need which helps to calm anxiety, build confidence, form supportive relationships, and to have a welcoming place to grow as they learn to respect their own creative nature. The studio’s donations and 35% of class revenue generated by house artists allows Art SLAM Studio to offer art clubs, water coloring technique classes, free or discounted classes for homeschooled families, and challenges our members to participate in group projects and community outreach programs and events.

Colleen Dobbin considers herself an ageless fangirl. She was raised on a healthy diet of Star Wars, Doctor Who, J.R.R.Tolkien, and Shakespeare. Her first passion was Acting but after finishing her BFA in Performing she became a Mom and had to move to creative outlets she could do at home. Her children were not impressed by her in house performances of Broadway favorites so she started painting for them. All 4 children were impressed. She kept painting and designing costumes, eventually landing her in the mall at the first Art SLAM show and was happy to finally find her people. But, be warned, she may still break into song, dance and prose at any time.


Vicki J. Maheu resides in Kingston, Washington, where she is loving her life homeschooling her children and creating art that reflects the beauty of God’s creation and His grace toward humankind. She works primarily in acrylics and watercolors, but likes to occasionally use other mediums. Her work encompasses a wide variety of styles, from Surreal, to whimsical, to impressionistic.

Sallie Nau has been a working ceramic artist since 2009. She owns and operates Seattle Porcelain Company-a small ornament manufacturing company and makes roughly 4,500 ornaments each holiday season. In addition, Sallie enjoys making custom functional pottery, including dinnerware sets and whimsical wares. Her other interests include teaching ceramics, knitting, painting (including mural work), music and mosaics.

Stephani Morgan (“Morgan”) has often been asked, “How long have you been an artist?” as if ‘it’ were creative juices that just miraculously showed up one day and began pouring out. Back in grade school she had a book where she wrote about her friends, favorite subjects and what she wanted to be when she grew up. In those early years, the girls had three choices: nurse, teacher or mommy. Morgan put down “ARTIST.” Her mother didn’t show her the book again until she had moved out of the house which surprised her because she didn’t actually start selling her art until she was in her thirties. She has since passed down her knowledge to her daughter, Katie, one of the younger artists at the Slam. For the first twelve years, Morgan painted in acrylic and more recently, has gotten into Zendoodles, which is drawing structured patterns. Her style is whimsical and she finds inspiration in color and design, and gives her mother credit for bringing it out of her at an early age. If you happen to visit the Silverdale Trader Joe’s, you can also see her art in some of the boards, advertising TJ products as she is the resident artist there. Her answer to “how long have you been an artist?” She concludes that you could say that she has been an artist all her life..



Sharon L. Smith: I have been an artist all my life. As an artist, I want to share the beauty I see in everyday life in the Northwest. I tend to take a close examination of nature, exploring fine details others may miss. Staircase Park in the Olympic National Forest is my favorite camping place, so far. I imagine small creatures hiding just out of site on the forest floor, which is mossy and mysterious! Overhead you can see everything from bald eagles and bats to dragonflies and butterflies. I make shadow boxes with real dragonflies and moths in them surrounded by bits and pieces of natural materials.

My mother and grandmother encouraged me in the arts. Mom gave me her pens and nibs to draw with and Grandma gave me her large box of pastels. I have lived in California, Nevada, Washington state and New York. Each of these places contributed to my bank of knowledge of different types of beauty. As a child, we walked in the woods hoping to find the first lady slippers of spring. We tromped the desert valleys in search of interesting rocks and combed the beaches of California for beautiful shells and driftwood.

I have tried to instill in my five children the love of God and the creation he has made. As an artist, I want to share the beauty I see in everyday life in the Northwest. Some of my best work is done in pen and ink illustration, pastel and watercolor. I am always learning new skills and techniques.